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1-Up Mushrooms are collectibles in the games
Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

They are usually found in hidden locations and make their first appearance in the small, rocky hut with a hidden switch in Bob Omb Battlefield.

Appearance and Behaviour

1-Up Mushrooms are small mushrooms with a beige stem and two beady, black eyes. They have a green hat with white spots.

1-Up Mushrooms have two kinds of behaviours. The first one has them sitting and patiently waiting to be collected, while the second one has them following Mario by sliding around. The second kind of behaviour only triggers, if they have been freed from a yellow [!] block by hitting the block from beneath.


If Mario has less than 99 lives, he can collect a 1-Up Mushroom to gain an extra life.

Other Types of Mushrooms

There is another type of mushrooms: