Amp SM64
Species Amp
Gender None
Eye color Red
Location(s) Several levels in the games.
Damage Electic shock/medium damage
Received When Killed None, impossible to kill.

Amps are enemies found in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.


If viewed from any other angle but the front, Amps seem to be featureless black orbs with nothing to indicate they are alive. If viewed from the front, though, one will be able to see a face emerge from the featureless orb. The face sports red eyes and an evil grin and in general gives the Amp a robot-like impression.

Behavior and How to deal with it?

It is impossible to kill an Amp. The best strategy against them is to run away. If they are too close, the player can avoid them by ducking.

Their attack is rather simple; they stay in a fixed path (usually in a circle), and when one makes contact with Mario, it will electrocute him and take away some of his health. Yoshi cannot even eat it. If Wario get electrocuted, his body will briefly disappear.

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