Big Bob Omb on The Summit is the first mission
of Bob Omb Battlefield.

Mission Edit

Mario will start at a platform with two Bob Omb Buddies. Mario must then make his way up a bridge, follow a path, avoid the Chain Chomp, and make his way to the mountain bottom. Mario has two ways to go once he reaches a gate with a long slope and a ditch with two Big Steely's.

If Mario decides to climb up the slope, completeling it will skip part of the mountain. Taking the normal way will eventually lead Mario to a pathway with a rocky slope which he must not slide down. Continuing on the pathway, Mario will reach the top of the shortcut path. Continuing up, Mario will meet once again another conjunction.

Going into a small alcove will take Mario to the top of the mountain. Going foward will take Mario to a Bob Omb with a cannon. After this Bob-Omb, Mario will continue up the mountain, eventually reaching the alcove at the top of the mountain. Finally, Mario meets King Bob Omb, whom Mario must fight. To defeat King Bob Omb, Mario must run from behind and grab him using the B button. Mario must then throw King Bob Omb thrice to defeat him. Mario the collects the Power Star. In the DS version, there is an alternate version that can be used to defeat King Bob Omb. As Yoshi, Yoshi must eat the Bob Ombs that King Bob Omb throws at him. Yoshi must then spit out a Bob Omb and aim at the King. If Yoshi does this three times, he will collect the Power Star.

Bosses Edit

King Bob Omb

Enemies Edit

Chain Chomp

Bob Omb