Big Steely
Big Steely
Species Big Steely
Location(s) Bob Omb Battlefield
Tiny-Huge Island
Damage Medium
Received When Killed Not Killable.

The Big Steely are an enemy type, that appears mainly in
Bob Omb Battlefield and Tiny-Huge Island.

Appearance Edit

They are big, black steel orbs, that are about a head taller than Mario. Unlike many other enemies, Big Steelys don't have a face or feet.

Their name is likely due to their steel nature.

Behaviour Edit

Big Steelys are mainly found rolling around in sand pits or rolling downwards the mountains.

If Mario gets rolled over by them, he will receive a medium knockback, which is often enough to send him tumbling down the mountain or into a bottomless pit.

How to deal with them Edit

Big Steelys can't be defeated in the original game, but Mario can avoid them by making a triple or a backwards jump, or by simply standing in a place which isn't among their path.

In the DS remake, Mario can kick them away and break them by running into them while he is a giant.

The King Bob Omb rumor Edit

A common rumor also states, that the third Big Steely, that appears in the sand pit of Bob Omb Battlefield after King Bob Omb's defeat is actually either his lifeless body or him curling up in shame of losing his crown to Mario.

As this rumor has never been confirmed by Nintendo, this is very similar to the "L is real" rumor.

Gallery Edit

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