Bob-ombs are a species, that appears in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.


They are spheres with large, white eyes, yellow feet, and a small rope on the top. In the remake, they look very similar to their appearance from the Nintendo 64 game, but they now sport a twister on their backs.

Locations and Uses

The Bob-ombs can be found in many painting worlds and may be friend or foe, depending on their color. Pink Bob Ombs, the so called Bob Omb Buddies are a friendly, stationary kind of Bob-omb, that can be talked to to activate the cannons for Mario and his friends to easily traverse the current location via flying with the Wing Cap.

Black Bob-ombs are enemies, whose behaviour depends on their size. Smaller specimen, the regular Bob-ombs, will follow Mario around and explode shortly afterwards, while their larger specimen, the King Bob-omb, attempts to throw Mario off the mountain summit in Bob-omb Battlefield.

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