Bob Omb Buddies are an NPC in Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

Apperance Edit

Bob Omb Buddies look exactly like Bob Ombs,
with the only difference being, that they are
sporting a pink coloration instead of the usual
black one.

Behaviour Edit

Unlike Bob Ombs, Bob Omb Buddies won't attack Mario. Instead, they will simply keep walking in place.

If the player presses the attack button (B) and Mario is standing in front of a Bob Omb Buddy, Mario is able to
talk to him.

Most of the time, this will cause the Bob Omb Buddy to activate a cannon in the level, but sometimes, they will
give Mario useful tips instead.

Locations Edit

Bob Omb Buddies appear in any level with a cannon. In the DS version they appear in every level, due to the fact that every level has Red Coins, and in the DS version they can be used to find out where each of the coins are.

Gallery Edit