Gender None
Eye color Blue
Location(s) Big Boo's Haunt
Damage Minor
Received When Killed Blue Coin

Boos are minor enemies in the games Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

Appearance Edit

Boos ingame are small and completely white. They have a red mouth with four sharp teeth, and they have large blue eyes. Looking at most Boo's turns them entirely transparent, revealing a blue coin.

Locations Edit

Big Boo's Haunt

Attacks Edit

Boos have no attack other than trying to ram into Mario and his friends.

Behaviour Edit

Like in the earlier Mario games, Boo's will turn invisible and intangible if Mario faces them. If Mario turns his back to them, they will fly at him and Mario needs to use the ground pound to defeat them.

If Mario successfully ground pounds the Boo, it will tumble away and instantly be defeated, only leaving behind the aforementioned blue coin.