Bowser as he appears when he talks to Mario before the beginning of the battle.

Toads Tool SM64 Bowser 1 Battle Area 1

Overhead view of the battle area

Bowser In The Dark World is the fifth level and first boss level of the games Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Layout Edit

Mario starts out on a platform, connected to another larger platform with a Fire Dispenser and a Block Switch. After this, there is two moving platforms Mario must cross. If Mario goes up a rocky hill on the next platform, he will find another Fire Dispenser. If Mario goes to the top of this ledge, he will be greeted to a Ferris wheel of four platforms. If Mario falls, he will slide down a blue ledge. After the Ferris Wheel, another platform with a 1-Up and a trio of Goombas will appear.

If Mario makes his way up a bridge, he will find a long pathway with many crystals and Amps. Mario will then reach a platform with two yellow ledges coming out of the front and back sides. Going foward reaches a platform with two moving platforms. Finishing this will take Mario to a cross way. Going right will take Mario on a narrow path to a platform with an Amp and a Red Coin. Going left will take Mario to two seesaw platforms which roll depending where Mario is. If Mario jumps to small ledges next to the Seesaws, he can collect 1-Ups and a few Red Coins.

At the end of the seesaws, Mario may climb up some wood to reach the bottom of a slope. However, if Mario goes back the way he came from and jumps to the higher Seesaw, he can make his way to a Red Coin, and a Power Star in the remake. Of Mario presses a switch at the bottom of the earlier mentioned slope, the slope will turn into stairs which Mario must climb.

At the top, if Mario collects all 8 Red Coins, a star will be here. If Mario jumps into the pipe, he will finally meet Bowser. This area is no other than a large Octagon platform with Bombs on some of the corners.

Enemies Edit

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