Bully SM64
Species Bully
Eye color Black
Location(s) Lethal Lava Land
Damage none (but Mario receives a greater knockback than usual)
Received When Killed A Coin

Bullies are an enemy type found in Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

Appearance Edit

The Bully is a black orb-like enemy with two golden horns and an angry expression. It has two eyes and two green feet.

Behaviour Edit

When a Bully sees Mario, it will try to ram him and push him into the lava, bottomless pit, etc. If Mario goes too far away, the Bully will walk away until Mario returns.

How to deal with it Edit

Mario can only defeat a Bully by using the same tactic it uses against him against it. Mario needs to jump to knock back the Bully until it falls into the lava, bottomless pit, etc. without ending up there himself. Mario can also try to kick a Bully off of a platform.

Locations Edit

Bullies generally appear in lava themed levels.