Chill Bully
Chill Bully SM64
Species Bully
Eye color Black
Location(s) Snowman's Land
Damage none (but Mario receives a greater knockback than usual)
Received When Killed A Power Star

The Chill Bully is a boss found in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. In the original, Japanese version, it is also known as the Ice Bully.

Appearance Edit

The Chill Bully is a blue/cyan orb like enemy with one golden horn and an angry expression. It has two eyes and two green feet.

Behaviour/How to deal with it Edit

Besides it's appearance, the Chill Bully behaves exactly the same as the Big Bully, though in the Chill Bully's case, Mario has to push it into the ice cold water three times instead of the lava present in Lethal Lava Land. The player has to be careful though, as the icy platfrom the Chill Bully is fought on is slippery and its easy to slide off it if one makes a missstep.

Feel free to read the Big Bully's article for more information on how the Chill Bully behaves and how to deal with.

Locations Edit

The Chill Bully generally appears in ice themed levels, though there are also a lava and another ice base counterpart, the former known as the Big Bully and the latter as Chief Chilly. The with the latter is exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS.

Gallery Edit