Cool Cool Mountain Peach's Castle

The Cool, Cool Mountain painting in Peach's Castle interior

Toads Tool SM64 Cool Cool Mountain Area 1

Overhead view of Cool, Cool Mountain's main area

Toads Tool SM64 Cool Cool Mountain Area 2

Overhead view of the slide found inside the mountain

Cool, Cool Mountain is the fourth location in Super Mario 64
and Super Mario 64 DS.

Layout Edit

Mario starts out on the submit of a tall mountain. Going foward will lead to a cabin with a chimney and a fireplace with a Baby Penguin. Going a bit more foward will go to a slope, which leads down the rest of the mountain. Going through the chimney in the cabin leads to a large cavern, with a humongous slope. In Mission 3 and after the player collects all 120 Power Stars, a penguin will challenge Mario to a race. Two ways may be taken. The First way is by going normally down the slope, eventually entering a cavern, then Mario must cross some Web Blocks to reach the cabin floor. The Other way is when there is a wall with coins leading straight into it, if Mario follows the coins, he will go through the wall, leading to a narrow cavern with many 1-Ups. Falling through a hole at the end will reach a ledge on the cabin floor. After going down the slope back on the mountain, The player may jump at a fenced area to reach a ledge with a Red Coin and lots of ice. Continuing down the slope reaches a joint where Mario will start going the opposite direction down another slope. At the end of this slope, there is a wooden platform with a snowman's head. Going forth reaches a bridge with jumping snowmen that will try to hurt Mario by throwing snowballs at him. Going forward will reach the roof of the lower part of the cabin, and after going down a path, Mario will reach a platform with an unenterable door(which is the exit of the cabin) and a Mother Penguin. If the player gets the baby penguin from the top of the mountain, the mother will give Mario a star. Going right will lead to a place with a bridge connecting a platform, and with another broken bridge. If Mario stands on the end of this broken bridge, he will be teleported to a bridge behind where Mario started at the top of the mountain. Going left will go to a place with a cannon and an elevator. Going up the elevator he may jump to a platform with a Bob Omb Buddy and open the earlier mentioned cannon. Continuing up the elevator will lead back to the platform with the snowman's head. Using the cannon on the lower platform Mario will see another platform with a tree. If Mario aims there, he will meet another platform which heading on a path down will introduce Mario to a three leveled platform which Mario must use Wall Jumps on the mountainsides to climb. On the middle platform, the mountainside is especially difficult to climb, however, Mario may use the wall facing the camera for a much easier jump. After climbing the platforms, a Power Star awaits at the top.

Missions Edit

Mission 1 - Slip Slidin' Away Edit

In Mission 1, Mario must make his way into the house with the slide and make it to the end of the slide successfully.

Mission 2 - Li'l Penguin Lost Edit

In Mission 2, Mario has to find the lost baby penguin and bring it back to its mother/father.

Mission 3 - Big Penguin Race Edit

In Mission 3, Mario has to visit the house at the beginning of the level. Inside it he will find an adult penguin who will ask Mario to race it. If Mario wins the race, he will be rewarded with a power star. However, if Mario cheats by skipping parts of the race or takes the shortcut, he will automatically lose and will have to start over.

Mission 4 - Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins Edit

In Mission 4, Mario has to collect all 8 red coins scattered all over Cool, Cool Mountain.

Mission 5 - Snowman's Lost His Head Edit

In Mission 5, Mario has to find a snowman who lost its head. Mario has to go/slide to the end of a slope to find a wooden platform with a snowman's head. The snowman's head has then be guided down back to the snowman.

Mission 6 - Wall Kicks Will Work Edit

In Mission 6, Mario must make his way to the bottom of the house slide. Then, he must take the cannon and shoot himself over to a distant platform. He must then make his way down a platform to a climb up area, where he must wall jump on the walls to get to the star.