Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress owl 2

Hoot flies around in a small circle after being scared out of the tree.

Fall Onto The Caged Island is the fifth mission of
Whomp's Fortress.

Layout Edit

Mario will start out at the base of the fortress. He needs to scare Hoot the Owl out of a tree near the beginning of the level. By jumping at Hoot again and holding the jump button, he will take off with Mario and fly all over Whomp's Fortress. Once Hoot and Mario reach a cage with a power star in it, the player has to react swiftly and release the jump button. With the right timing Mario will land inside the cage and thus will be able to collect the power star.

Hoot's path Edit

Once Mario has scared Hoot out of the tree around the starting area, Hoot will start flying around there in a small cirle and just barely hight enough to be reached by Mario's regular jumps.

To get the star, Mario has to jump and grab Hoot's talons by pressing the jump button and keeping it pressed.

Afterwards, Hoot and Mario will fly along the following path:

  1. Once Mario grabs Hoot's talons, they will take off towards the fortress.
  2. They fly above the area with the grey bridge, that falls apart when Mario walks or runs over it.
  3. Once they reach the highest point, Hoot will start fluttering. Now, Hoot and Mario will fly into the direction of three rotating grass platforms (the foremost has a red coin placed on top of it) and another non-rotating platform made of grey bricks with an arrow-like, non-rotating grass platform pointing at it. The fortress itself will now be seen on the left.
  4. Hoot will now turn around and flutter back into the other direction. The flower patches with the Piranha Plants in them can now be seen around the bottom of the screen.
  5. After flying a small circle, the player will be able to see the fortress again.
  6. Hoot and Mario will now be flying above the aformentioned rotating grass platforms.
  7. They will now circle above the mid-segment of the fortress, where the tower resides.
  8. Shortly afterwards, they will fly back. Now the player needs to react quickly and release the jump button, as Hoot and Mario will swifly arrive at the caged, wooden platform, holding the star.

Enemies Edit