Footrace With Koopa The Quick is the second mission of Bob Omb Battlefield.

Mission Edit

Super Mario 64 Koopa the quick gameplay

Koopa The Quick and Mario

Mario will start at the same place he did last time, but now he will see a large Koopa. If Mario talks to the Koopa, the Koopa will reveal his name is Koopa The Quick. He will then challenge Mario to a race. If Mario accepts, the race will begin. Mario may use Warps if he wishes. To complete the mission, Mario must reach the top of the mountain where King Bob Omb once was in 51 seconds or less. Mario must use the path he used to reach King Bob Omb, while Koopa the quick will take a ground level path up the rocky slope. If Mario makes it to the flagpole at the top of the mountain and beats Koopa, he will receive the Power Star. If Mario fails, he will have to restart the level.

Enemies Edit


Bob Ombs

Koopa The Quick