Fwoosh SM64
Eye color Black
Location(s) Tall, Tall Mountain
Damage none, but blows off Mario's cap and makes Mario get knocked back over a long distance
Received When Killed nothing (only Yoshi can kill it)

The Fwoosh are an enemy type in Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

Apperance Edit

Fwooshs are human sized clouds with two beady, black eyes, two eyebrows and a cat-like mouth. Their name is pun on the "fwoosh"-sound, that is commonly used in comics and manga when the wind blows and also references their ability to blow strong winds at Mario and his friends.

Behaviour Edit

Fwoosh is a stationary enemy that floats in mid-air. If Mario gets too close to it, the Fwoosh will take a deep breath and blow at him, causing Mario to get blown away over long distances, till he either hits a wall or gets blown off the ground and ends up in the bottomless void outside the playable level. Also, at the moment Mario is caught by the wind, his cap will be blown off and might end up in the void as well.

So even, if Mario survives being blown away, he might still lose his cap for good, which will leave him vulnerable, as he takes twice as much damage without it.

How to deal with it Edit

Fwooshs can't be hit or defeated in the original game, but Mario can avoid them by quickly passing them while being as far away as possible.

In Super Mario 64 DS, Yoshi is able to eat Fwooshs and thus the only character, who actually can defeat them. This isn't possible in the original game.

Also, Wario can't be blown away by the Fwooshs, which allows him to simply ignore them while exploring the level.

Locations Edit

Fwooshs generally appear in sky and mountain themed levels.

Gallery Edit