Giant Mushrooms are collectibles in Super Mario 64 DS. They are alternatively also referred to as Mega Mushrooms.

They are usually found hidden in classic, red brick blocks and make their first appearance on the way up the summit of the mountain in Bob Omb Battlefield.

Appearance and Behaviour Edit

Giant Mushrooms are small mushrooms with a beige stem and two beady, black eyes. They have a red hat with white spots.

When Mario breaks a red brick block containing a Giant Mushroom, the mushroom will do a loop in mid-air while sparkling. Afterwards, it will drop to the ground and start following Mario by sliding around.

Use Edit

If Mario collects a Giant Mushroom, he will temporarily turn into an invincible giant and will be able to defeat enemies by walking into them. This way, he is even able to break Big Steelys (it's possible to destroy other large objects, too) and shove Chain Chomps around without harm.

Other Types of Mushrooms Edit

There is another type of mushrooms:

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