Giant Snowman
Giant Snowman SM64
Species Snowman
Gender None
Eye color Black
Location(s) Snowman's Land
Damage none, but blows Mario off the icy bridge in front of it

The Giant Snowman is an NPC in the games Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

Appearance Edit

The Giant Snowman is a large, living snowman. Its eyes are blue with a black sclera. It also has a black mouth.

Locations Edit

Snowman's Land

Behaviour Edit

The Giant Snowman is a stationary NPC that sits in the middle of Snowman's Land. If Mario tries to cross the icy bridge in front of its head, the Giant Snowman will think, that Mario is a "snow-flea" and try to blow him away.

Actually, this behaviour is very similar to the one of a Fwoosh, but unlike a Fwoosh, the Giant Snowman will immediately start blowing, if Mario tries to cross in front of its view.

Being blown away will cause Mario to get blown off the ground and carried away over a long distance, causing him to end up back in the starting area of Snowman's Land. Also, at the moment Mario is caught by the wind, his cap will be blown off and needs to be recollected, as Mario takes double damage without it.

How to deal with it Edit

As the Giant Snowman is an NPC, it can't be harmed or defeated. Mario needs to successfully dance along with the Big Penguin, that keeps crossing the icy bridge over and over again, so he can advance to the top of the Giant Snowman's head and collect a Power Star.

Other Snowmen Edit

There are also two other types of snowmen. One is a human sized Snowman, that acts as an enemy, that is found both in Cool, Cool Mountain and Snowman's Land, while the other one is a friendly Snowman, who appears exclusively in Cool, Cool Mountain.

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