Super Mario 64 Official Wikia
Tiny Huge Island Goomba.png
Species Goomba
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Location(s) Bob-omb Battlefield

Whomp's Fortress

Jolly Roger Bay

Cool, Cool Mountain

Most other levels in Peach's Castle

Damage 1 piece
Received When Killed A Coin

Goombas are enemies in the games Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. In the original, Japanese version, they are also known as the "Kuribo".


Goomba's have a brown pentagon shaped head, a yellow half circle body, two brown feet, a frown with two sharp teeth at each end, and eyes with angered eyebrows.


When a Goomba sees Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi, it will try to walk into them. If it manages to do so, they will receive collision damage and will be slightly pushed back. If they goes too far away, the Goomba will walk away until they return.

How to deal with it

It is very easy to deal with a Goomba, as any attack will defeat it in a single hit. Jumping on the Goomba is the most common and easiest way to defeat it. Once the Goomba is defeated, it will leave one coin behind.


Goomba's appear in almost every location in the game, but they are first introduced in Bob-omb Battlefield.

*—DS version only