Super Mario 64 Official Wikia
Goomboss vs Yoshi.png
Species Goomba
Gender None
Eye color Red
Location(s) Goomboss Battle
Damage Medium
Received When Killed Key to unlock Mario

Goomboss (originaly known as Goomba King and also known as King Goomba, or Paper Goomba) is the king of Goombas first major boss in Super Mario 64 DS. He also appears in Paper Mario and once again as a boss in Mario Kart DS. He is behind the disappearance of Mario in the game, and must be defeated to unlock and free him.


Goomboss is a giant goomba, with red eyes and dark feet. He sports huge eyebrows and sideburns on his face. He also has red and white pants and a crown on the top of his head.

As the player keeps trying to defeat him, his skin will change from brown to red, and he will grow larger.

How to defeat him?

To defeat Goomboss as any character (including Yoshi), the player will have to use this strategy;

For Yoshi:

1. Goomboss will lead a pack of normal sized Goombas behind him. 2. Yoshi must eat a Goomba and turn it into an egg. 3. Yoshi must then spit it at Goomboss. 4. After the player does this, Goomboss will begin to run around the arena faster and leave more Goombas, making it harder to hit him. 5. If Yoshi manages to hit Goomboss three times, then he will admit defeat and award Yoshi with the key to freeing Mario.

For any other character:

1. Goomboss will do the same actions as done with Yoshi (other than the dialogue). 2. The player must instead punch a Goomba and aim at Goomboss. 3. As mentioned earlier, he will get faster the more he is hit, making it harder to aim. 4. Once he is defeated, he will admit defeat and award the player with the key again (but it will be of no use).


  • If played as anyone, but Yoshi, it's possible to kick Goomboss from behind and cause a Super Mushroom to appear.
  • Goomboss' appearance seems that he knows Luigi, due to his mustache looking similar to Mario's, but doesn't know Wario and describes his mustache as "mean-looking".
  • Goomboss was originally known as "Goomba King' before his SM64DS appearance.