Danger Ahead! Beware of the strange toxic cloud! Don't breathe it!
If you feel faint, run for higher ground and fresh air!
— Sign
Toads Tool SM64 Hazy Maze Cave Area 1

Overhead view of the Hazy Maze Cave

Hazy Maze Cave is a level in Super Mario 64
and Super Mario 64 DS.

Layout Edit

Mario will start out in a small room with a map, a Scuttlebug and two hallways. Going to the left leads to the Boulder Room and going to the right leads to the Big Room. In the Big Room, there are many floating elevators and ledges. The Red Coins are located in this room, and can only be achieved by riding the elevators. The are two more passages, one to the Southwest and one to the West. The Southwest passage leads to the Boulder Room. The West passage leads to a small room with a hole and a map. Going into the hole leads to the Maze Room, which is filled with toxic air which will cause Mario's health to decline if he stays in too long. Monty Moles and Shy Guys also reside here. There are occasional ledges to let the player get a breath, and there is also a Blue Coin Activator. If Mario gets the Metal Cap, he will be able to go under the gas without losing health. There are there more passages in the maze. The first one can be found by falling to the enterance and turning right until some stairs appear. Going through the door here leads to a slide back to the Big Room. The second one, found by going forward, taking a left, and finding a small alcove that can be reached by a wall jump. This passage leads to the top of the Boulder Room. The final passage, by taking the same way as the second one but going a little farther until another alcove will lead to a small hallway that ends into a gated area behind the room leading to the underground lake. This area contains a star. The Boulder Room is a huge room with a big hole in the middle, which falling into causes Mario to lose a life. There is a ledge where giant boulders fall from and head into the black hole. If Mario touches these rocks, he will take damage. At the end of this room, there is a door and two alcoves which can be reached by wall jumping. One of the alcoves contains a Star.

Underground Lake Edit

If Mario takes an elevator in to room after the Boulder Room, he will reach a long pathway which leads to the Underground Lake. This lake contains the sea monster Dorrie, which if Mario jumps on her head, he can control her movement. There is an island in the middle of the Lake which can be reached with Dorrie and contains a star. There are also two ledges in this lake. The first one is blocked by a gate which can only be opened if Metal Mario goes underwater and hits a switch. This room is a long corridor with many long abysses. Mario can long jump across these to reach a star at the end of the room. The second one leads to a hallway which contains a puddle Mario can jump into.

Secret Area Edit

If Mario takes the passage in one of the hallways in the Underground Lake, he will be led to a scret room. This room is a long hall with water flowing through most of it. Little platforms Mario can stand on are also here. This room contains eight more Red Coins, some of which can only be reached by going underwater to achieve. Mario must be very cautious, as if he falls into the water in normal form, he will be pulled back toward the ledge at the end. If he is lucky, he might be able to jump back onto a platform. If he fails, he will be brought down a waterfall outside of Peach's Castle. If Mario successfully collects all the Red Coins, he will be able to collect a Secret Star at the end of the area.

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Trivia Edit

  • This level is extremely labyrinth like, giving it the name Hazy Maze Cave.
  • This level is also huge, so large in fact it contains maps scattered in the level (these places are the Entrance Room, The Underground Lake Elevator Room, and the Maze Entrance)
  • In Super Mario 64 DS, the sixth mission, Watch For Rolling Rocks, must be completed with Wario. In this version, Wario must stand at the edge of the platform and punch each rock as it nears. After he punches 4 rocks, the star for the level will appear.