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A Health Bar.

The Health Meter is the basic health counter in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.
It consists of a wooden silhouette of Mario's, Luigi's, Wario's, or Yoshi's heads and contains eight pie shaped pieces.
The word POWER appears over it, in a rainbow pattern. Every time Mario takes damage, the number of pieces will decrease. Once the health meter only shows two pieces, Mario will hunch over an begin to pant heavily. If all of the pieces run out, Mario will die and lose a life.

How to replenish health

Mario can recover his health by using one of three methods:

  • Collecting Coins
    • Yellow coins will replenish one, red ones replenish two and blue ones replenish five piece(s) of health
  • Diving into water and resurfacing
    • Mario will recover all of his health one he resurfaces, assuming he stays in the water until his health has refilled
  • Passing by a large, translucent heart
    • The spinning heart will recover Mario's health one by one as he walks into it

Color Code

As Mario loses health, the pieces will change color every two pieces lost. (The color of the text represents the color and number of pieces present)

8-7 pieces

6-5 pieces

4-3 pieces

2-1 pieces

0 pieces (A tiny portion of red still remains)