The Ice Block House is a minor location exclusive to the original Super Mario 64.

It is the main focus of Snowman's Land's third mission, which is goes by the title of "In The Deep Freeze".

Apperance Edit

It is a mostly transparent house made of ice blocks, that sports a base made of untreated red brick blocks.

Location and Function Edit

The Ice Block House is located in the left corner of the starting area of Snowman's Land.

Here, the insides of the house serve as a small maze, which Mario needs to navigate through to reach a Power Star. This power star can be collected regardless of the currently selected mission.

How to navigate the House Edit

Mario needs to enter from the right side of the house, where he is able to get inside by making a small hop and climbing into a rectangular cave-in just above the Ice Block House's base.

Once inside, he needs to walk or run forward till he hits a wall, then make another small jump. He will now needs to climb up again and once he is standing, turn to the left and jump out of a hole in the roof.

Mario will now be on top of the Ice Block House. He will need to walk or run over to the other hole in the roof (he can also jump over to it with a regular jump).

Once inside, he will fall down and collect the Power Star at the bottom of it.

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