Koopa Troopa
Tiny Huge Island Beach Koopa
Species Koopa Troopa
Gender none
Eye color black
Location(s) Bob Omb Battlefield, Tiny-Huge Island
Damage none, but deals slight knockback
Received When Killed Koopa Shell

The Koopa Troopa is an enemy from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Appearance Edit

Koopa Troopas are human-sized, orange tortoises with green shells and large, white eyes with black irises. They are bipedal and wear green shoes with white soles.

Behaviour Edit

If a Koopa Troopa spots Mario, it will give him a shocked look and start escaping by running away from him. Once the distance between the Koopa Troopa and Mario is far enough, the Koopa Troopa will return to its normal behaviour, which has it simply walking around at a slow pace.

How to deal with them Edit

Mario can defeat the Koopa Troopa by jumping onto it, which will kill the Koopa Troopa instantly and cause it to leave behind its shell.

The shell can then be used by Mario to surf on water, cliffs and various hazardous surfaces.

Koopa The Quick Edit

There is also a friendly Koopa Troopa ingame, which is known by the name of Koopa The Quick. He is larger than other Koopa Troopas and won't escape when he sees Mario, but instead can be talked to, which will trigger a dialogue, which allows Mario to race with him.

Gallery Edit

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