Lethal Lava Land is a location in Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS. It is located in the basement of
Peach's Castle.

Layout Edit

Mario will start on a stone platform heading forth. A sign will tell Mario that if he lands in lava, he will become less controllable, but tells him not to freak out. Further is a large platform with a bridge and a Mr.I. Going to the right leads to a Bowser puzzle. Going further that way leads to a path to the location of the Big Bully. Going to the right of the starting part leads to an area with many Bullies and and sinking platforms. There is a large area with a giant log which leads to one of the Power Stars. There are several small stone potruding from the lava with coins scattered throughout the level.

Volcano Edit

The volcano in the center of the level can be entered by Mario jumping into it when the rotating circle platform stands still and the volcano isn't spitting fire and rocks.

Once inside, Mario will be at the very bottom of the volcano and standing on a path made of rock. From there, he can go two paths to visit and collect two power stars.

One path is followed by Mario hitching a ride via one of the game's rectangular, checkered, path following platfroms. To successfully claim the star, he needs to stay on the platform and jump off it once he reaches some floating poles. He then has to jump from pole to pole and then upwards. Shortly afterwards, he is able to collect a star.

The second path has Mario walking up a circling pathway starting from the rocks where he entered and going up to around half the height of the first path. When traversing the second path, Mario needs to look out for moving walls, that try to crush him, flamethrowers, that will try to set him on fire and bullies, that will try to ram and push him back down. He also needs to jump some poles to gain access to a platform featuring a few columns and a power star.

While it is possible to collect coins inside the volcano, the player is advised to collect as many coins as possible outside, if they want to collect the 100 coins-power star, as the coins inside the volcano might not be enough for them to gain it and they can't leave the volcano after entering it outside of dying or collecting one of the volcano's power stars.

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