Wiggler SM64


Make Wiggler Squirm is the seventh level of
Tiny-Huge Island.

What to do Edit

In Tiny mode, Mario must make his way to the top of the mountain and ground pound the water. He must then enter the pipe warping him to the Huge Island, and then go inside the empty hole where the water was. Mario will then appear inside a cage with a infuriated Wiggler,
who will yell at Mario:

Waaaa! You've flooded my house! Wh-Why??
Look at this mess! What am I going to do now?
— Wiggler

After that, the fight with Wiggler will commence.

To defeat Wiggler, the player must ground pound on him three times. Note, that once he has ground pounded once, Wiggler will become faster and more aggressive, making it more difficult to ground pound him. Once Mario has managed to ground pound him thrice, Wiggler will admit defeat and give Mario the Power Star.

Enemies Edit

Wiggler (main)

Other enemies (see Tiny-Huge Island)