Super Mario 64 Official Wikia
Super Mario 64 Official Wikia
Moneybag HQ 4 SM64.png
Species Moneybag
Gender None
Eye color Yellow
Location(s) Snowman's Land
Damage Medium
Received When Killed Five Coins

The Moneybag is an enemy type that appears in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Appearance and Behaviour

Moneybags usually appear in a camouflaged state representing a single Coin. Once Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi draw close, they become visible, though and either jump straight into them or start fleeing.

If Mario walks into them or the jump onto him, he will lose two units of health.

Their natural appearance makes them look like a green purse with golden handles, the letter of which are also used by them as legs, which allow them to hop like a frog. Inside their pocket is a black void with two, glowing, yellow eyes.

How to deal with them?

Moneybags can be defeated by pretty much any of Mario's moves, though jumping on them our using the Forward Charge seem to be the most effective ways to take them out. Once the Moneybag is defeated, it will drop 5 regular Coins.



In the original game, there is a glitch, that allows the player to farm an infinite anmount of coins in Snowman's Land by using the Moneybags found in the level. The glitch has been found by pannenkoek2012 and has been documented by them in the following video: