The Mother Penguin is a character in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.


The Mother Penguin is large blue penguin with a white belly, large yellow beak, and blue eyes.


Mother Penguin appears at the bottom of the mountain in Cool, Cool Mountain right outside of the cabin, and west of the lift.


In Mission 2, if the player goes near the Mother Penguin, she will tell him that she has lost Tuxie, her baby. The player must make their way back to the summit and collect the baby penguin near the cabin chimney. Feine theee, the player must bring the baby penguin back down to the mother. The mother will then thank the player for his help and give him a Power Star.


  • Whenever the player picks up Tuxie after showing it to the mother, the mother will give them a dirty look and chase the player.
  • Hilariously, if the player drops Tuxie off of the cliff and to her demise, the mother will not care. She doesn’t even get mad.
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