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Power Flower are special power-up that appear exclusively in Super Mario 64 DS. They replace various Caps from Super Mario 64. They can be unlocked after pressing the ? Switch at the level of the same name, which can be unlocked after collecting 14 Power Stars.


  • When Mario gets a Power Flower, he will become inflated, turn into a balloon and can float really high (which was not introduced in the original game), similar to the Power Balloon in Super Mario World.
  • When Luigi gets one, he turns invisible and can walk through gates and enemies, similar to the Vanish Cap in the original game.
  • When Wario gets one, he will become Metal Wario and can walk underwater and lava, as well as being able to withstand great winds, like the Metal Cap in the original game. Like Vanish Luigi, Metal Wario also will not be burned or hurt by enemy attacks.
  • When Yoshi gets one, he can breathe fire that can melt ice and damage enemies, akin to eating Fire Watermelons or fire-based enemies in the Yoshi franchise, which was not introduced in the original game.

It should be noted that if Mario, Luigi, or Wario get a Power Flower without their hat on, a Bob-omb will pop out instead. However, there are some courses where even if Mario has his hat on or not, a Bob-omb will still come out.


  • In the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack in Minecraft, Poppies are replaced by Power Flowers.
  • Power Flowers resemble Fire Flowers in Super Smash Bros. Melee.