Rematch with Koopa The Quick is the third mission of Tiny-Huge Island.

What to do Edit

It is recommended that the player starts in Tiny mode.

Mario must make his way over to the slope and where the Big Steely's come from. He must instead skip past that and jump up into a pipe above, changing Mario into Huge mode. Mario must then head over to Koopa The Quick, who is on the ledge.

Once the race is vertified, Mario must race Koopa from that location to the other pipe of the level, near the windy canyon. Some quicker ways to do this are by Long Jumping. One way, which is get to a part of the submit of the mountain facing the pole, long jump from there, and run to the pole. This stunt is not easy to perform.

Enemies Edit


Big Steelys

NPCs Edit

Koopa The Quick