Shifting Sand Land is a location in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Layout Edit

Note: There are two parts of the level.

Desert (Main) Edit

The Desert is the starting area for Mario.
When he starts, he will appear on a narrow ledge located behind a sand dune.
Going foward takes him to an area with a stone structure.
Ahead, there are many whirlpools and towers which Mario can climb.
If Mario crosses this area, he will reach a maze with many Tox Boxes which will try to crush him.
After this maze is a small oasis where a Bob Omb Buddy stands and also where Klepto The Bird resides.
Foward are two small towers similar to the ones on the other side of the level.
Then, foward will go to an area with pathways that can climb a large pyramid.

Pyramid (Sub) Edit

Once Mario enters the pyramid, he will be in a platform circling a sandy area.
Climbing a pole will take him to a place with sand heading off the edge.
Going farther will reach more platforms and a pole leading higher.
Going even farther than here reaches a narrow platform leading to a star.

Eyerok Area (Boss) Edit

If Mario falls from the very top of the pyramid, then he will be in a small platform where he will fight Eyerok.

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Desert Edit

Pyramid Edit

For screenshots of the mini-boss room, please visit the Eyerok article.