Gender unknown
Eye color red
Location(s) Wet-Dry World
Damage Minor
Received When Killed Coins

Skeeters are Enemies in Super Mario 64 and it’s sequel.

Appearance Edit

Skeeters are blue spiderlike creatures (similar to Scuttlebugs). They have a teal, spherical coloured body with red eyes. They appear to have a sort of “tail” on their back with a small red sphere. On each corner of the main body are large legs that stick out to yellow, webbed feet.

Attacks and Behavior Edit

Skeeters generally move by thrusting themselves foward. When Mario is spotted, they will change direction and attempt to thrust into him. Skeeters can be defeated by jumping on them, awarding 3 Coins.

Trivia Edit

  • A Skeeter appears on the painting of Wet-Dry World:
    WDW Painting