Super Mario 64 2 was a planned sequel of Super Mario 64 set for release in 1999 (or possibly 2000). It was to be sold for the Nintendo 64DD. However, since the N64DD failed in the market and never made it overseas, Super Mario 64 2 was never released. The game however, was eventually turned into Super Mario 64 DS, which was released in the Nintendo DS five years later.

Gameplay Edit

Very little is known about the gameplay, but it is thought, that Luigi was planned for the game and many more new worlds would be added.

Trivia Edit

  • It is thought that Super Mario 64 DS is a sequel to Super Mario 64 2, rather than Super Mario 64. This might be because SM64 2 was multiplayer and SM64 wasn't.
  • The N64DD version of SM64, Super Mario 64 Disk Version, is thought to be a prototype of SM64 2. (This is not very likely)
  • Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are thought to have possible elements from SM64 2.
  • A project called "Super Mario 128" was planned to be a sequel for SM64. Instead, it ended up giving concepts to later games such as Pikmin and Metroid Prime.