Super Mario 64 DS

Super Mario 64 DS (often abbreviated as SM64DS and called Super Mario 64 x 4 in game development) is a 2004 Nintendo DS game and an enhanced remake of the popular 1996 game Nintendo 64 game Super Mario 64.


Mario, Luigi, and Wario are heading to Peach's Castle to visit Peach. Some time has passed, but no one came back out. This alerts Lakitu, who wakes up Yoshi, so the latter searches for his friends whereabouts. While on his journey, Yoshi collects Power Stars, eventually unlocking Mario, followed by Luigi, and then Wario. Together, they eventually beat Bowser, restoring peace to the castle.


In order to have more of a chance of beating the game, the player needs to find the three plumbers who were flung behind the doors behind by Bowser. The following table below shows each character attributes to a certain statistic. Each has their own special abilities:

Name Description How to Unlock Stats
Yoshi is the first and default playable character since he gets informed by one of the Lakitu Bros. that Mario and the rest of the heroic gang haven't returned to the pipes, yet after awhile in the castle and goes to investigate and realizes that Bowser has captured them all. Now Yoshi will have to track his friends down, and stop Bowser and his minions. Yoshi's moves include a tongue lick, flutter kick, egg throw, and others, making him the only character with a projectile attack. He is the only character that can't punch, kick, or grab enemies, and not strong enough to break bricks or defeat Boos (unless he uses a Super Mushroom). However, Yoshi has the highest jump of the four and features average speed at both running and swimming. His Power Flower is the ability to shoot fire from his mouth, which is much like the ability that Yoshi can do in Super Mario World. Default Power 0/3
Speed (run) 2/3
Speed (swim) 2/3
Jump 3/3
Mario is the second playable character. He's been trapped by Goomboss who is mad about Mario bossing him around in the past. Using Yoshi from the starting point in the castle, the player should go up the stairs and to the right door. The player should go straight to the next door, go through the 8-Star door and hop into Goomboss Battle. Yoshi has to fight Goomboss to rescue Mario by jumping into a hollowed tree stump at the highest point of the level. Then the player has to go back to the room with the stained glass windows with Peach on them and unlock the "M" Room to find Mario. Mario will be able to perform attacks like the punch, ground-pound, wall-jump, and many more. As the most balanced of the four playable characters, Mario plays very much the same way as he did in the original game with good all-round capabilities, except on speed at running. His Power Flower is the ability to puff up like a P-Balloon and float in the air, like the P-Balloon from Super Mario World. If he pressed a P-Block, occasionally a pair of Wings will appear. If Mario gets it, he can become Wing Mario. Defeat Goomboss in Goomboss Battle as Yoshi. Power 2/3
Speed (run) 2/3
Speed (swim) 2/3
Jump 2/3
Mario's younger twin brother, Luigi is optional to find required to obtain some Power Stars, as well as Wario and has been imprisoned by King Boo. Mario will have to Big Boo's Haunt and find his way up to the third floor, near the balcony, then go into the Luigi portrait, leading to Big Boo Battle. This level is very tricky as some doors lead nowhere and back to the start. When Mario reaches there, he has defeat King Boo to collect the "L" Key, being able to save Luigi. Next to Yoshi, Luigi has the weakest attacks, but he has the best speed stats at both running and swimming and jumping capabilities of the four. Luigi's abilities include a Scuttle Jump (Which is similar to Yoshi's Flutter Kick), but not as high), the ability to run over water for a short period time, and perform a somersault. His Power Flower is the ability to turn invisible and walk through any enemies or objects, except ice, which replaces Vanish Mario from the original game. Defeat King Boo in Big Boo Battle as Mario. Power 2/3
Speed (run) 3/3
Speed (swim) 3/3
Jump 3/3
Wario is imprisoned by Chief Chilly, and Luigi is the only one that can save him. Once the large door right at the head of the stairs is unlocked, Luigi has to go inside, then get past another door leading to Snowman's Land. There are two Power Flowers, so the player has to use Luigi to go transparent into the mirror by the Snowman's Land wall, and he has to fight Chief Chilly for the "W" Key, which is used to open the door to find Wario. Once he does, Wario will be available to choose from as a playable character. Like Luigi, Wario is optional to find, but is needed to grab Stars that the others cannot retrieve. He has the worst speed stats at both running and swimming and jumping capabilities of the four, but he is by far the strongest-being able to smash through the Black Bricks, break bigger boulders, and send enemies flying with only a single blow. In VS. Mode, Wario has the unique ability to pick up stunned opponents, spin, and throw them, just like how the player does to Bowser. He can ground-pound posts once, rather than three times and throw them as well. He moves slightly faster than Mario and Luigi when carrying large enemies and also carries them on his back. Wario can also pick up signs and throw them. For more power, his Power Flower is the ability to turn into metal to walk underwater, like Metal Mario from the original game, and is immune to enemy attacks, like Vanish Luigi. To switch back to Yoshi, just go to the door of the character that is being used once more. Defeat Chief Chilly in Chief Chilly Challenge as Luigi. Power 3/3
Speed (run) 1/3
Speed (swim) 1/3
Jump 1/3

Changes from original game

  • Adds Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario as playable characters.
  • Graphics changed to support the DS.
  • Added a Minigames tab, which is called the Rec. Room.
  • Adds a wireless multiplayer mode which can be played with up to 4 players.
  • Added new paintings, such as character and secret paintings.
  • Added 30 extra stars to collect.
  • Uses "X" as the zoom button rather than the Nintendo 64's camera buttons.


Super Mario 64 DS did not get as much recognition as the original game did, but it had quite positive reviews.


  • Super Mario 64 DS actually has more glitches than the original game did. This, though, can be blamed on the new hardware the game is played on, and the overall redesign of the original game.
  • Instead of Mario having all abilities, he receives the P-Balloon and Wing Cap when he gets a Power Flower. When Luigi grabs a Power Flower, he turns invisible and walk through certain objects, similar to the Vanish Cap. When Wario grabs a Power Flower, he becomes metal and can walk underwater, similar to the Metal Cap. When Yoshi grabs a Power Flower, he has the ability to breathe fire, which wasn't introduced in the original game.
  • Similar to the original game's "L is real 2401", many players thought that Waluigi was hidden in this game too.
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