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What are Abbreviations?



Abbreviations are shortened forms of words. They can be used in many cases, such as the US state of Missouri being abbreviated as MO, or Alaska as AK. Another example would be in names, such as Clive Staples Lewis (author of Narnia) being stated as C.S Lewis. In video games, many titles are abbreviated, such as Call of Duty being abbreviated as CoD, or LittleBigPlanet as LBP. (Consoles are also abbreviated, such as PlayStation3 as PS3, Nintendo Entertainment System as NES, and so on.)

Super Mario 64 Abbreviations

A list of Super Mario 64 abbreviations (note not every abbreviation will appear in the articles.)

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SM64 - Super Mario 64

SM64 2/SM642 - Super Mario 64 2

SM64DS - Super Mario 64 DS

SM64O - Super Mario 64 Official Wiki

N64 - Nintendo 64

N64DD/64DD - Nintendo 64 Disk Drive

DS - Dual Screen

BOB - Bob-omb Battlefield

WF - Whomp's Fortress

JRB - Jolly Roger Bay

CCM - Cool, Cool Mountain

BITDW/BW1 - Bowser in the Dark World

HMC - Hazy Maze Cave

MIPS - Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages
(The yellow Rabbit in the basement of the castle - see the image at the top of this article.)

LLL - Lethal Lava Land

SSL - Shifting Sand Land

BITFW/BW2 - Bowser in the Fire Sea

WDW - Wet-Dry World

DDD - Dire, Dire Docks

TTM - Tall, Tall Mountain

TTC - Tick Tock Clock

THI - Tiny-Huge Island

BITS/BW3 - Bowser in the Sky


MWG or Greeting: Message Wall Greeting

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