Infoboxes are helpful and detailing templates found in articles on this wiki.
This article will describe how infoboxes work.


On the right is a basic empty infobox with no edits.
There are many more infoboxes on the wiki.


There are a total of 20 different infoboxes, 19 which are found easily and one by template (EnemyInfobox2).

There are also 9 automated infoboxes made by wikia.
As of now, we are no longer using them and are focusing on the list ahead:


As you can see, ths infobox describes a character of the series. Luigi has been used as a random place holder. The code for the infobox is:

{{CharacterInfobox|title1 = Luigi|aka = none|relationship = Daisy|relatives = Mario|species = human|gender = male|first_appearance = 1983|latest_appearance = 2017|created_by = Nintendo|voiced_by = Charles Martinet}}


This infobox details the N64 console.

The code for that infobox is:

{{ConsoleInfobox|title1 = Nintendo 64|producer = Nintendo|retail_price = $199.99|release_date = 1996|availability = 1996-2003}}


This infobox describes a location within the game. Here, we are using a fiction Level 1 as a placeholder.

the code for that infobox is:

{{LevelInfobox|title1 = Bob Omb Battlefield|location = Peach’s Castle |floor = First Floor|level = First|no_of_stars = 6/7}}


This infobox describes a person who lives in the real world. Shigeru Miyamoto has been used as a placeholder for this infobox.

The code for that infobox is:

{{RealPersonInfobox|title1 = Shigeru Miyamoto|full_name = Shigeru Miyamoto|born = 1952 |birthplace = Japan|occupation = Video Game Designer|years_active = 1977 - present}}


This infobox describes an item within the game. A Coin has been used as a placeholder for this example.

The code for that infobox is:

{{Iteminfobox|title1 = Device|locations = Stores and Homes |restores_health = No|use(s) = to edit the wiki with amongst others}}


Note: As of now this infobox is no longer in use.

Describes an enemy.


Species Skeeter
Gender unknown
Eye color Red
Location(s) Wet-Dry-World
Damage minor
Received When Killed Coins

This is the box used for Enemies as of present time. This one features both selections from EnemyInfobox and the default Infobox Enemy.

The code for that infobox is: {{EnemyInfobox2|name = Skeeter|image = Skeeter.png|species = Skeeter|gender = none|eyes = Red|location(s) = Wet-Dry-World|damage = minor|received_when_killed = Coins}}


This is an infobox used to describe a fictional character.

The infobox used in this section is the direct infobox (not including the image) used on the Mario page, which describes the entirety of the character (remember, an infobox is more of a summary than a full description).

The code for this infobox is: {{CharacterInfobox|title1 = Mario|aka = Super Mario|relationship = [[Peach|Princess Peach]]|relatives = [[Luigi]]|species = Human|gender = Male|first_appearance = Donkey Kong (1981)<sup>Arcade</sup>|latest_appearance = Super Mario Odyssey (2017)<sup>Nintendo Switch</sup>|created_by = Shigeru Miyamoto|voiced_by = [[Charles Martinet]]}}


The Mission Infobox describes a mission within the games.

The code for the infobox is: {{MissionInfobox|title1=Big Bob Omb on the Summit|location = [[Bob Omb Battlefield]]|type = Miniboss|star_no = 1}}

Power Star Infobox

This is an infobox that describes a Power Star. The infobox is Only used in that page.

The code for this infobox is: {{Power star infobox|title1 = Power Star|image1 = PowerStar.gif|use = Opens Star doors in<br/>[[Peach's Castle]].|number_in_game = 120 (in the original game)<br/>150 (in the remake)|per_level: = 6/7}}


Note: This is the only miscellaneous infobox.

This is an infobox that you may put on your userpage.


To make the codes appear (without making the actual result appear), use and before and after the code.

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