Tick Tock Clock is a level in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. It is based in a giant clock and is different from all other levels. Rather than being mostly open world, the level is set in a tower like function, where Mario must climb the tower rather than roam around it.

Another special feature is that the player can modify the obstacles in the level depending on the time when the jump through the painting. The entrance has a 12, a 3, a 6, and a 9. There is a hand that moves quickly around it. If Mario jumps in at:

12: All obstacles will be stationary. While this may be useful for bypassing obstacles, it can be nearly impossible to climb the whole tower without moving objects. Enemies do not get effected. This mode is recomended for navigating, but not for collecting stars.

3: The most recommended. All obstacles are at a slower, rhythmic pace, making it easy for the player to navigate. Still, players must keep their senses up, because the obstacles still move. This mode is also recommended for most star missions.

6: Entirely random. Sometimes it may be slow, others fast. This mode can be useful for a random challenge for the player.

9: This mode is not recommended for newcomers. Everything in the clock will move at a racing speed and is only suggested if the player wants a challenge.

Layout Edit

Mario will start out on a platform with some Bob Ombs. To the left are several rotating green platforms with Red Coins placed on them. Foward is a path leading to the scale of the clock. A giant pendulum blocks this pathway, but it is easy to avoid. After that are some rotating blocks that, if Mario stands still for too long, will throw him into a bottomless pit below. After that, there is another pendulum and a slope leading up three more rotating blocks.

After that is a platform that also serves as the ending point of the green platforms mentioned earlier. There is also a hand that can move to an alcove containing a Power Star. Past the platform are some spinning platforms leading to a caged Power Star. After the cage is a lift and a climbing pole with an Amp circling it.

Climbing up the pole, the path will be split into two. To the left is a Heave-Ho and the path leading to star of the second mission, and two the right are lifts continuing up the clock. Above the lifts are more rotating blocks and a floor with moving blocks (they contract into the wall and back out randomly, they are similar to the Bomps in Whomp's Fortress.). After the moving blocks is a cage with some coins. A conveyor belt will lead out of the cage to a long bent platform swith several other platforms forming a pattern.

At the top of that is a final hand that will lead to an alcove with a Thwomp. At the top of the Thwomp is the highest point in the tower and a well earned Power Star.

Missions Edit

Mission 1 - Roll into the Cage/Luigi in the Cage Edit

Collect the Power Star in a cage within the tower,

Mission 2 - The Pit and the Pendulums (N64 only) Edit

Mario must collect a star hidden by some pendulums.

Mission 3 - The Pendulum Switch Star (DS Only) Edit

The objective is to collect the Switch Star.

Mission 4 - Get a Hand Edit

This mission require Mario to use a hand in the tower to reach a star. This level cannot be completed when the machinery of the clock is stationary.

Mission 5 - Stomp on the Thwomp Edit

Get to the top of the tower.

Mission 6 - Timed Jumps on Moving Bars Edit

Mario must use the Bomp like objects to reach a star.

Mission 7 - Stop Time for Red Coins Edit

This missions objective is to collect the Red Coins on the green platforms. While it is possible to collect them all while the platforms are moving, it's most recommended that the player stops time (enters when the painting hand is at 12) to collect them.

Mission 8 - Tick Tock Silver Stars (DS Only) Edit

Collect the silver stars in the level.

Enemies Edit

Bob Ombs (DS only)


Clockwork Machinery (pendulums, rotating blocks, etc.)



Trivia Edit

  • There is a minigame in one of the Mario Party games that is based off of the level.
  • In the DS version, the level has been quite altered, including removing fog and triangular obstacles, and re positioning several areas.
  • In the DS version, this, and Shifting Sand Land are the only two levels that have both a Switch Star and a Silver Star mission in the same location.
  • In Minecraft(c) Mojang Wii U edition, there is a Super Mario based "mash pack". One of the paintings in the pack is based off the entrance of Tick Tock Clock.
  • This is the only level in the games that can be modified by the results of jumping in the painting.