Tox Box
Tox Box SM64
Species Tox Box
Gender None
Eye color White
Location(s) Shifting Sand Land
Damage Minor
Received When Killed Cannot be killed.

Tox Boxes are an enemy found in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.


Tox Boxes are large cube shaped creatures. They are almost perfect cubes besides one side, which is hollow. Each face of the cube has a different expression (such as sad, angry, etc.) At the bottom of the Boxes are yellow and black striped lines.

Attacks and Behavior

Tox Boxes are not able to move besides flipping to another face, and they all have a set path. The only way the player can be hurt by Tox Boxes is if they stand next to one, and is crushed by the Box (only if it moves onto a non-hollow face, otherwise the player will be safely hidden inside the hollow part of the Box.)


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