Tuxie is a character in the games
Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Apperance Edit

Tuxie is a small, blue baby penguin with a white belly, large yellow beak, and blue eyes. She is about 1/3rd of Mario's size.

Locations Edit

Tuxie appears at the mountain summit in Cool, Cool Mountain wandering around near the chimney of the cabin.

Requirements Edit

In Mission 2, if Mario comes near the Mother Penguin, she will tell him, that she has lost her baby. Mario must make his way back to the mountain summit and collect a baby penguin (which is named Tuxie) near the cabin chimney. Then, Mario must bring the baby penguin back down to the mother and give it to her. The mother will then thank Mario for his help and give him a Power Star.

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Trivia Edit

  • If Mario throws Tuxie off a ledge before earning a Power Star, then he will be unable to complete the mission.
  • Alternatively, if he throws the baby off after presenting it to the mother penguin, then he will still earn the star.