Eel / Unagi
Species Unagi /
Gender Unknown
Eye color Teal
Location(s) Jolly Roger Bay
Damage 2 pieces
Received When Killed Cannot be killed.

Unagi the Eel is a large creature and unique enemy that appears only in Jolly Roger Bay.


The creature is a large Eel (also called a Maw-Ray) that is colored maroon. The Eel has a head with turquoise eyes and a large mouth with several teeth. Its body also sports several tiny white dots, and yellow fins on its backside.


In Plunder The Sunken Ship, Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi will find the Eel hidden inside of a large shipwreck located towards the bottom of the lake in Jolly Roger Bay. The Eel does not do anything besides swimming away, until the next mission.

In Can The Eel Come Out To Play?, the Eel is hidden in a different alcove, and now with a Power Star attached to its rear end. The Eel will swim away and avoid the player until the star is collected.

Colliding with the Eel will cause Mario to take damage and lose two units of health.

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