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Dorrie SM64

We will meet again over at the new WikiFarm or at our usual meeting place at Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia.

Until then, farewell and stay healthy, my friends. ^^

(cheerful smile)

Hello. I am Gokimaru.

From what Zenki (who also happens to be an admin at this wiki) has told me via phone, this wiki has been dead for quite awhile now.

I didn't quite believe it until I saw it with my own eyes, but the recent wiki activity (as of 2018-09-16) confirms it.

Without my friends being around and due to me generally not being too active over here due to me having little knowledge on Super Mario 64, I wouldn't be able to keep this wiki running on my own.

This means, I have no choice, but to leave and let it be as it is.

As Zenki stated over at his userpage, we will also move to a new WikiFarm outside FANDOM soon, so there is little to no point of me staying here.

You will still be able to contact me via my message wall on this and the other wikis, I have joined in the past, but you will not find me being too active over there either.

Some time ago, I also became a father of a child, so I will be back to my roots and go back hiking in the wilderness alongside my child and my wife.

We greatly enjoy nature and together practice aesthetics passed down by my wife's and my people over many generations since over a millennium.

In the future, I will participate in creating a forum for the new WikiFarm, but I have to admit, that I likely will never be as active online as I used to be over the last 2 years.

Nonetheless, we will stay in contact.

Farewell, and see you over at the new WikiFarm at another day.


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