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The Vanish Cap Course is a secret level in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

In Super Mario 64, it is known as the Vanish Cap Under the Moat. It was renamed in the remake, where the course is called The Secret Under the Moat.

The course is found hidden in the basement of Peach's Castle and can't be accessed until the player has defeated Bowser for the first time.

The player will need to go to a small, mostly submerged, room with two pillars, which also features a wooden door. If Mario stomps both pillars, the water will drain.

Now he can go outside through the wooden door and will find himself in the outdoors area of Peach's Castle with all water but the small pond being gone.

When Mario goes to the waterfall, he will be able to enter a newly exposed hole. Once inside, the player will find themselves at the top of the Vanish Cap course, where they need to collect all 8 red coins.

Once the player has collected all red coins on the slope, they need to ride some platforms and get over to the blue switch, where they need to use the Vanish Cap to get through the cage's grit and activate the blue switch and collect the Power Star.

If playing as Wario in the remake, Wario can use Luigi's cap and the power flower to change into the vanish cap state and complete the course.

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