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You want fun? Wario show you fun!

Wario is Mario's obese, hot-tempered, greedy rival, Waluigi's older brother/partner in the Mario series, and an unlockable playable character in Super Mario 64 DS.

Physical Appearance

Wario is much more overweight (yet not exactly obese) compared to the other protagonists in the Super Mario 64 series. He wears a yellow short-sleeved (formally long-sleeved) shirt and hat, purple overalls, and green pointed shoes. He wears white gloves as well, and a large blue "W" appears on both his gloves and his hat.

Wario's head is much more square compared to Mario or Luigi’s. His eyebrows are bushier and jet black. His teeth are unusually large, but clean, and his chin is much more pronounced. His nose is also unusual, due to the fact that it is pink and overly big in comparison to the rest of his face. Wario's most distinctive feature, however, is his mustache, which sports jagged, sharp edges and a thinner structure, emitting somewhat of an "electric" aesthetic. This is a direct opposite to Mario's bushy, thick mustache.

Role in Super Mario 64 DS

In Super Mario 64 DS, Wario is captured by Bowser's minions along with Mario and Luigi. Once he is unlocked, he is playable for the rest of the game. Wario is trapped by Chief Chilly and Luigi is the only one that can save him. Luigi must go to the second floor in the mirror room with the Snowman's Land painting and grab a Power Flower to turn invisible and go in the mirror and enter the Wario painting, Chief Chilly Challenge and go through obstacles of the course and enter the hole to fight Chief Chilly. Once he's defeated, Wario will be unlocked. Wario is the strongest of the four characters: he's the only character that can break Black Bricks and other heavy objects, hit enemies harder and farther, and also move faster when carrying enemies/objects. On the other hand, he's the slowest at both running and swimming and has the lowest jump. When he gets a Power Flower, he turns metal and can walk underwater and not get hurt by enemies, similar to Mario getting a Metal Cap in the original game. In VS. Mode, Wario can grab, spin, and throw enemies, similar to how the player does to Bowser.


  • Wario was originally designed to be German. In the Mario Kart 64 and the first Mario Party, he is voiced by German translator Thomas Spindler and even utters "So ein Mist!", roughly translating to "Blast it!" or "What Crap!". Later, his nationality was changed to Italian to match Mario and Luigi.
  • In the Nintendo 64 game Mario Tennis, the character Waluigi was introduced. He is an opposite to Luigi as Wario is to Mario, and as such, Waluigi has become Wario's permanent sidekick.
  • In June 2020, Wario began to make an appearance in the popular fictional creepypasta/urban legend entitled "Every copy of Mario 64 is personalized". Here, he is shown as a floating head that chases a terrified Mario. This is rather exaggerated and the head itself is from a Nintendo E3 exhibition called "Focused on Fun".