Wario is a playable character in Super Mario 64 DS.

Apperance Edit

Wario is much more obese than any other character in the Super Mario 64 series. He wears a yellow shirt and hat, purple overalls,and brown shoes. He has a very zig-zaggy-like mustache with many pointed places. Mario has a relatively big nose. He speaks in a deeper voice than Mario and Luigi, but has a lighter voice than Bowser.

Role in Super Mario 64 DS Edit

In Super Mario 64 DS, Wario is cpatured by Bowser's Minions along with Mario and Luigi. Once he is unlocked, he is playable for the rest of the game.

How to unlock Edit

Note: Only Luigi can save Wario.

Step 1. Edit

Make sure you have Luigi and the Vanish cap. Head up to the room with Snowman's Land and the glass barricade. Collect a Power Flower sitting on any of the pillars and head through the glass and into the Wario painting.

Step 2. Edit

Once in the painting, Luigi will be in a very icy world. Luigi must make his way through the level until he reaches a hole. Jumping into the hole leads to the level boss.

Step 3. Edit

Luigi will confront Chief Chilly, who has captured Wario. To defeat him, Luigi must hit him until he falls off the stage. Doing this three times defeats Chief Chilly and awards Luigi with Wario's Key.

Final Step. Edit

Luigi must make his way to the room where Mario, Yoshi, and Wario reside. Luigi must run up to the door with the yellow "W" above it, and once opened, Wario is now playable.

Abilites Edit

Super Strong Ground Pound - Wario has a very strong Ground Pound compared to other characters. Due to this, Wario is the only character that can break Black Blocks.

Poorer Jumping - Wario is much heavier than other characters, making his jumps much worse. He can jump only about half as good as other characters.

Trivia Edit

  • Wario was first introduced in the Game Boy game Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins.
  • Wario was meant to be a complete opposite of Mario, who is kind, giving, and helpful, as which Wario is rude, greedy, and lazy.
  • In the Nintendo 64 game Mario Tennis, a new character, Waluigi, was added to be an aquantinc to Wario.
  • Wario has started as the main character in many games, such as the WarioWare series and the GameCube game Wario's World.