Whomps are characters that appear in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

They are not to be mistaken for the blue, blocky Thwomps.


Whomps are large gray rocky blocks with hands and feet. They have a texture with red eyes and a wobbly mouth. On their backs, a large Bandage can be seen, which ground-pounding on the bandage will kill the Whomp.


Whomps do nothing other that try to crush Mario when Mario gets close. When they fall, they will become vulnerable to Mario.

Jumping normally onto a Whomp and making little hops will cause the Whomp to generate one regular coin on each hop. After hopping on the Whomp a few times, it will get up again and Mario will slide off.

This can be repeated a few times, to gain additional coins to the usual 4 coins that are dropped after defeating the Twomp via the aforementioned ground-pound.


Around a dozen Whomps appear in Whomp's Fortress, which is their main home. Only one resides in Bowser In The Sky.


  • Whomps are lead by the Whomp King, who is the second boss of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.