Wiggler SM64
Species Wiggler
Gender male
Eye color black
Location(s) Tiny-Huge Island
Damage medium damage and large knockback;
If Wiggler leaps and Mario stands beside him, Mario will be stunned for about two seconds.
Received When Killed Power Star

Wiggler is a boss found inside the mountain of the
Huge island version of Tiny-Huge Island.

Appearance Edit

Super Mario 64 Edit

Wiggler is a big, yellow-orange caterpillar with a large brown nose, two beady, black eyes and a flower on the back of his head. He has four orange legs and wears four pairs of red shoes. Wiggler is about twice as tall as Mario.

Super Mario 64 DS Edit

In the remake, Wiggler's main body color was changed to yellow and he gained tan colored spots on the sides and one on the back of his body. Also, his nose's color was changed to black, his legs became tan, as well, and his body are now purple.

Unlike the cute and timid expression of his Nintendo 64 counterpart, the remake's Wiggler already has an angry expression from the get go.

Behaviour and how to deal with him Edit

Wiggler will start out in his friendly state and walk around the boss arena in an attempt to walk into Mario. If he succeeds, Mario will lose 2 units of health.

Using the ground pound on Wiggler and hitting him anywhere, will cause him to stop and complain to Mario. Afterwards, Wiggler will rise on his hind legs and make a short leap at Mario, then he walks faster then before.

Stomping Wiggler on his head causes him to turn to his furious state and complain to Mario once again. Now Wiggler will rise again and keep moving faster.

Stomping him on his head another time will cause Wiggler to return to his friendly state and cause him to give up. Now Wiggler is defeated and will reward Mario with a Power Star.

He also shrinks in size and is now only half as tall as Mario. The defeated Wiggler will walk around peacefully and doesn't hurt Mario, if he comes in contact with him.

If Wiggler walks around long enough, or Mario pushes him too far, Wiggler falls through the mesh of the metal net beneath him sometimes, causing Wiggler to fall into the infinite void of the bottomless pits below.

Quotes Edit

Wiggler: (before the boss battle)

"Waaaa! You've flooded my house! Wh-why?? Look at this mess! What am I going to do now?

The ceiling's ruined, the floor is soaked... What to do, what to do? Huff... huff... it makes me so... MAD!!!

Everything's been going wrong ever since I got this Star... It's so shiny, but it makes me feel strange..."

Wiggler: (after being stomped once)

"I can't take this anymore! First you get me all wet, then you stomp on me!

Now I'm really, really, REALLY mad! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

Wiggler: (after being stomped twice)

"Hey! Knock it off! That's the second time you've nailed me.

Now you're really asking for it, linguine breath!"

Wiggler: (after being stomped for the third and final time)

"Owwch! Uncle! Uncle! Okay, I give up! Take this Star! Whew! I feel better now.

I don't really need it anymore, anyway-- I can see the stars through my ceiling at night.

They make me feel... peaceful. Please, come back and visit anytime."

Gallery Edit

Wiggler's friendly state Edit

Wiggler's furious state Edit

Note, that Wiggler from the Nintendo 64 version doesn't have a visual furious state. He will behave the same as his counterpart from the DS remake, though.