Wiggler's Red Coins SM64

If the player looks up in this cave, they can see the net, where the fight against Wiggler took place

Wiggler's Red Coins is the sixth mission of
Tiny-Huge Island.

What to do Edit

Note: Mario needs to talk to the Bob Omb Buddy to open up the cannon of this level before the player can make a proper attempt at getting this star.

In Huge mode, Mario must make his way to the cannon
(at the right side of the pool and near the canyon).
He must then shoot himself to a ledge across from where Koopa The Quick is. Mario must then walk on a thin wooden path into the opening. Once inside, Mario will be in the main part of Wiggler's Cave.

Inside the cave are many platforms with the Red Coins on them. One, which is on the tallest platform in the cave, can be accessed with Mario's Wall Jump or by climbing on the grate above the platforms. Once done,
the Power Star will appear.

Enemies Edit


Cheep Cheep

Bottomless Pits