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Please note, that achievements are still active on this wiki. However, the feature is disabled on other wikis that were created after the disablement. They can be enabled at request, though. For more information, see the corresponding help page at Community Central.

Wiki Badges (or Achievements) are a wiki feature which was invented by Sannse, a member of the Wikia/FANDOM staff. She is a very kind person.

Her feature is active on about 87,000 wikis and is quite popular. As each wiki features its own variant of badges with customizable badge names and icons, this article will only feature the badges that can be earned by contributing to Super Mario 64 Official Wiki.

The feature Achievements can be enabled by an admin or bureaucrat by either visiting the page Special:WikiFeatures or by going to the AdminDashboard and selecting the entry Wiki Features. Just remember that those pages are only available to admins and bureaucrats.

Super Mario 64 Official Wiki badges


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Wiki Love

Images do not appear correctly, as they use default images from Wikia.

Wiki Love is a series of 7 badges that are awarded to a user who contributes to the wiki for a certain number of days in a row. The counter resets when a person doesn't contribute for more than 24 hours.

There are:

  • 1 Silver badge (50 points)
    • (5 days in a row) Key To The Castle
  • 5 Golden badges (100 points)
    • (14 days in a row) Two Weeks On A Coin
    • (30 days in a row) Peach's Servant
    • (60 days in a row) Dedicated Plumber
    • (100 days in a row) Mario Addictor
    • (200 days in a row) A Platform Life
  • 1 (and the only) Platinum Badge (250 points)
    • (1 year/ 365 days in a row) Editor of the Year

All badges featured on Super Mario 64 Official Wiki and their names may be updated at irregular intervals.


This page is a modified version of the badges page, that was created by Semerone, who had this idea and implemented it over at her own wiki. Accordingly, all credit for this page's original version and the corresponding idea goes to Semerone.

The modified version was made by Zenki and is being maintained by Super Mario 64 Official Wiki's staff.

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